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Late season events

March Hare Open Meeting

The March Hare attracted a 14 boat turnout, boosted by the Toppers and Firefly's from Kings School. Two races were run on the day with Jon Silk winning both.

1st Laser 212435 Jon Silk

2nd Laser 212200 Charlie Campion

3rd Laser 217701 Alan McNeil

Commodore's Cup

Race 1 of the Commodores Cup was abandoned due to an excess of wind and rain and only 3 sailors none of whom were keen to brave the conditions. Race 2, on the final day of the Frostbite season, went ahead but attracted only 4 competitors.

1st Laser 212200 Charlie Campion

2nd Laser 212435 Jon Silk

3rd RS Aero 3658 Jon Jenkins

Thanks to everyone who was on hand to ensure the success of these events

Doug Spooner

4th Laser 208216 Bill Edmonson

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